The best bars in New York

New York is bursting with brilliant drinking spots, from dive bars and high-end cocktail spots, to bars with photo-worthy skyline views. The food and drink scene in NYC can seem overwhelming at times. If you’re there for work or doing the city in a weekend, it’s hard to know how best to make the most of a flying visit. So we’ve raised our glass to eight of the best – perfect for work or play: It doesn’t get much better than the World’s Best Bar, which just so happens to be in New York. Dante wo

Authors share their top tips on how to read more books in 2020

Along with fitness plans and healthy eating, a common New Year’s resolution is the desire to read more. So how do you make your wholesome intentions actually happen when Netflix is such a tempting way to spend free time? Authors Rob Moore, Natalie Trice and Noor Hibbert share their thoughts on how we can all read a little more in 2020. Rob is a best-selling non-fiction author and the host of The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcast, while Natalie is a PR Director with two books to her name, and No

Cockroach milk is predicted to be a trend in 2020

Alternative milks have risen in popularity over the past year or two – be is oat, coconut or almond. But it seems there’s another non-dairy product which boasts huge nutritional benefits… cockroach milk. said back in 2018 that cockroach milk was set to be big in future and last year saw a number of headlines suggesting the drink would be the next up-and-coming fad. Now, many people believe that 2020 could be the year it goes mainstream. Last week, Glamour Magazine hailed it the ‘

Why our generation needs to embrace hobbies in 2020

How do you spend your free time? Perhaps scrolling through Instagram, taking to Twitter or browsing Netflix? The reality is that for most millennials, it’s likely to be most (or all) of the above. This has become the norm for young people. We can pretty much pin this down to one key reason – the growth in technology over the past decade. With the risk of sounding like your old Aunt Margaret, we have to face the facts that – as a generation – we’ve become swept up in our phones and social med

10 exhibitions to look forward to in 2020

From Van Gogh to Don McCullin – 2019 has been a big one in terms of incredible exhibitions. Next year is no different, with a bumper line-up of shows set to take over the capital’s galleries. So whether you prefer contemporary or classical art, photography or pop art – there’s something for everyone on the agenda. Here are some of the best to look forward to in 2020. Picasso not only used paper as a canvas for his work but he also experimented with it as a material – using napkins, decorative w

Where to celebrate New Year in London

With December in full swing, it’s time to start planning one of the biggest days of the month – New Year’s Eve. London has some great parties in the works for 31 December. So whether you prefer a formal dinner or a more casual party, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. Here are some of the best New Year events in the capital – just be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Somerset House will be seeing in 2020 will some soulful celebrations. The famous London venue wil

A round-up of the best Christmas jumpers for 2019

It’s almost time for Santa Claus to come to town, which can mean only one thing – Christmas jumper season is finally upon us. A festive knit is an absolute must for December and this year there’s a plethora of different types to choose from. So whether you prefer a conventional sweater or a wacky or tacky number, the high street has something for everyone. Expect plenty of pop culture references along with some pretty timeless designs. We’ve rounded up some of the best on the market, so you

Experts tell us the wellness trends to look out for in 2020

With 2020 fast-approaching, it’s time to look ahead to some of the biggest things we can expect in the new year. We’ve already covered which foods are set to be big for 2020, along with upcoming holistic trends – but what can we expect from the world of wellness? A number of experts have shared their thoughts on which wellness trends will dominate as we enter a new decade – and there are some interesting predictions. Take note of these new buzzwords – we’re likely to be hearing a whole lot mo

The best hotels an hour away from London

This leafy spot has attracted quite the celebrity clientele over the years. Hugh Grant, Kylie Minogue and the Beckhams are just a few names to have walked its corridors. The championship golf course and spa are the venue’s main selling points, but the 300 acres of countryside also boasts woodlands, wetlands and the Grand Union Canal – all great for walks. There are two different types of accommodation to choose from; the West Wing rooms which overlook the gardens, or the rooms and suites in Mans

Logo nail art is taking over Instagram in a big way

Designer products can often set your bank balance back a hefty sum, but a new nail art trend offers a brand’s signature label – without the price tag. Logo nail art is the latest nail trend sweeping across our Instagram feeds. That’s right, the logos of famous fashion houses are being painted onto nails, for DIY designer looks. Some of the most popular designs used in this new makeshift trend include the iconic interlocking Cs for Chanel, as well as the letters ‘L’ and ‘V’ for luxury retailer

A third of men think it’s unprofessional to talk about periods at work

Weekend plans, holidays and Brexit are the usual suspects when it comes to office chit chat – but a new study has found there’s a particular topic that male employees dislike. A new study has found that a third of male workers think it’s ‘inappropriate’ to discuss anything to do with menstruation in the office. In fact, 32 per cent of men said they thought it was ‘unprofessional’ of women to talk about periods at work. This new research confirms that the menstrual cycle is still largely consi

How to make eco-friendly choices this winter

With November in full swing, the days are not only darker but colder, too – but turning the heating up not only costs your bank balance, it costs the planet, too. So how can we make eco-friendly choices this winter without freezing our toes off? There are a number of simple swaps and reductions which can add up to make a real difference – from using less heating to making sustainable clothes choices. Here are some of the best ways to go green during the chillier months. When winter comes aro

Young people share what it’s like living with arthritis

Arthritis can affect anyone, at any age. So why is it that adverts and leaflets frequently show images of greying, elderly people with the condition? The NHS states that around 15,000 children and young people in the UK are affected every year by arthritis. But that figure doesn’t take into account people in their 20s and 30s who are diagnosed, too. The winter months can be particularly difficult for those living with arthritis, as the cold weather can often cause ‘flare ups’ – particularly b

76,000 London schoolchildren feature on billboards in new photography project

New billboards have been unveiled across the capital featuring thousands of London schoolchildren. Oscar-winning film director Steve McQueen is the brains behind the project, which includes 600 billboards – with different classes of Year 3 children on them. The project – which aims to be a visual representation of citizenship – stretches across the capital’s 33 boroughs. The portraits are set to stay up for two weeks and are being showcased on roadsides, railways and at train stations. All o

Just how chaotic is Scorpio season going to be?

Just the mention of Scorpio season is enough to strike fear into the hearts of astrology enthusiasts. Known for their passion, strength and intensity, Scorpios are highly emotional. But – as to be expected – they have a deadly sting for anyone who tries to cross them. Scorpio season, which runs from October 23 – November 22, has long been associated with a period of intenseness and having the potential for darkness. Astrologer Daniela Ruby Fischer says: ‘During Scorpio season we all get a tas

How to make ethical knitwear choices this winter

Winter is fast-approaching and many of us will be looking to purchase cosy, warm garments to see us through the colder months. But with so many different types of wool to choose from, how can we be sure we’re that making ethical choices? For years, wool has been the fail-safe textile for winter, but it’s also a material which has prompted much debate, specifically with concerns over the way animals are treated when wool is sheared. Last year, a PETA investigation uncovered abuse at more than

Photographer Martin Parr gives glimpse into his early career with new book

British documentary photographer and photojournalist Martin Parr will be giving fans a glimpse into the early days of his career with the arrival of his new book, Early Works. Focusing on shots taken between 1970 and 1984, the book delves into Martin’s early black and white photography – before he moved to colour in the early 80s. Martin tells ‘I’m very fond of my black and white work from way back.’ ‘I thought it would be a good idea to put all the highlights from my black and w

Meet the people who say giving up alcohol is the best thing they've done

This month, people across the country will be swapping ciders for cordials as they take part in the national initiative Sober October, to raise money for charity. We often make jokes about how we are ‘gasping for a drink’ or ‘pushing through Dry January’ but this language raises questions about how reliant we are on alcohol and how much it’s ingrained into everyday culture. Work drinks? Date night? Hen dos? The expectation for drinking is hard to escape. To mark this national month of sobriet

London’s finest hotels for art lovers

When it comes to art, some of the capital’s big name hotels have just as much to offer as leading galleries and museums. Whether they’ve hosted famous artists over the years, feature original works or have Instagram-worthy interiors, there’s all kinds of creativity and art history to soak up. This Pimlico spot is the third sibling in the Artist Residence family, created by imaginative duo Justin and Charlotte Salisbury. Their UK venues showcase a range of urban art from creatives such as Pure E

A handy guide to eating on public transport

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that sitting next to someone eating a tuna sandwich on a bus is absolute hell. There’s no denying that, as a nation, we seem to have some issues with people eating on public transport. But a new proposal, put forward by the chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, is urging the government to ban people from eating on trains and buses entirely. The move has prompted a lot of criticism online, with many commuters arguing that lots of people have no choice b
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